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2021 commercial fisheries season


Accompanied by some return to normalcy in the domestic market, the 2021 fishing season delivered unprecedented landed values and volumes. We had a strong start with snow crab. As soon as the fishery opened, the landed price was $5.75/lb and ended at more than $8/lb. Never before seen.

Our three lobster fishing licenses led to a cumulative harvest of nearly 100,000 lb for a minimum landing price of $8/lb, which is exceptional. On the northern shrimp side, 2021 proved to be a better season than 2020. Despite the market pole for this crustacean, centered in Europe, we obtained a landed price of just over $1/lb.

Stable values, groundfish delivered the same revenues as last year. The same is true for green sea urchins. The only notable decline, in the order of 40%, is in the value of sea cucumber. The market for this product is mainly in Asia, a region still shaken by the pandemic.

For all our fishery resources, let’s hope that this growth continues and, above all, that it stabilizes.


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