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Land Designation for a Portion of the Kataskomiq Reserve (concluded)

The referendum on the land designation of part of the Kataskomiq reserve concluded on April 23, 2022 with a favorable vote from members of the community.

Video clips

For subtitles, click cc in the lower menu of the player. English subtitles will be available soon.

Designation of the lands of a portion of Kataskomiq: Maxime Lizotte (long version)

Designation of the lands of a portion of Kataskomiq: Council of elders (long version)

Designation of the lands of a portion of Kataskomiq: Grand Council (long version)

Designation of the lands of a portion of Kataskomiq: Norbert Legros (long version)

Development projection

*This is a projection. In the event of a positive vote in the referendum, we will carry out various studies which will lead to the development of final development plans.

Important Documents

Notice of Referendum

A notice of referendum signed by the hand of the referendum president, Mrs. Maryse Larivière, was sent to the members of the communities appearing on the electoral list on March 9, 2022.

Consult the notice of referendum

Information Document

A detailed information document was sent to members of the community on March 10, 2022. The March 10 mailing also contained all the material for voting by mail.

Consult the information document

Appendix 1. C.L.S.R. 110321 Plan

Consult the C.L.S.R. 110321 plan

Instructions for postal voting

An instruction document for postal voting was sent to members with the March 10, 2022 mailing.

Consult the instruction document for postal voting

Electoral list

Consult the list of electors

Questions and Answers document

Questions and Answers - Land DesignationConsult the document


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